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Are you having problems with your Payroll? in Wigan-Chorley or Bolton.

We have been instructed over the last few months to undertake various payroll inspections which has led us to take over the payroll particularly in the Carers industry. The so called bespoke payroll providers have fallen short on service and accuracy causing problems for the carer contractor.

In one case this was instigated by a HMRC enquiry for over £10,000 of unpaid Tax/NI which is still ongoing between the original payroll provider and their client.

In another case the Carer contractor has switched their payroll provider three times in this one year which was almost unprecedented and have been delighted with our service as per our customer feedback section.

CAB Accounts NW Ltd who are accountants covering Wigan-Chorley and Bolton are very experienced in Payroll activities at a cost usually below these bespoke companies.
We can provide weekly or Monthly payslips and of course ensure our clients are HMRC compliant to avoid fines and penalties etc.

Why not give us a chance to quote and see how we can eliminate your payroll headaches


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Why pay more than you need to!

  • CAB Accounts are the CAB with a difference - we do not take you for a ride.
  • Our knowledge is based on 25 years of accountancy, bookkeeping and running our own businesses outside of the financial sector
  • We recognise that price is important as long as we can ensure you have the right level of support. We believe in clarity from the word go, so no one is unclear of what we are trying to achieve together and at what cost.
  • It is our duty to ensure you are HMRC compliant to avoid any fines but of course you have to provide us with the right data at the right time.
  • We consider ourselves friendly, approachable, down to earth people who thrive on common sense. We prefer our clients to be of a similar nature.
  • We are prepared to meet you at out of normal office hours as we recognise our client base can sometimes only meet at these times.(6am-9pm)
  • We will offer business opinion whenever sought, free of charge. However business reports, cash flows etc will be subject to a charge
  • We will provide regular updates either quarterly or when regulation changes prevail.

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